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The Girl Who Fell Wrap Up!

We have made it through another Lit Club! That’s it for our feminist fairy fantasy, The Girl Who Fell.

Still want to talk/vent/discuss The Girl Who Fell? Then keep going! Never let it be said that Inky said to stop talking about a book! Feel free to post more posts and comment more comments!

Don’t forget there is a sequel,The Girl Who Chose. Will all our questions will be answered? Will Chess find a way to awaken her mother? Will Chess find a way to make the fae more equitable? Will Chess find a way to be with Tom? Will Chess learn to control the art of her magic? Will there be more world building and less fight scenes?

Well, we will have to ask lauraamabel. Because she is the winner of this month’s Lit Club book pack which includes the next book in the Chess Raven Chronicles. Please read it for all of us lauraamabel and post a review FULL OF SPOILERS for the rest of us! Do it for the Lit Club team!

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments. We created a terrific discussion group this month and I enjoyed everyone’s posts, opinions, reviews, art, research. and insight into the book.




Good job everyone! Thanks for hosting another successful Lit Club, Inky!

3rd Dec, 19

Thanks Inky, definitely super excited to read the sequel! Will post a review (with all the spoilers). Thanks again for organising so much fun!

3rd Dec, 19
inky State Library Victoria

Lit club is great fun! This next book looks like a corker.

4th Dec, 19

It was lots of fun being part of this amazing Lit Club! Can't wait to do it again for the December one :) THANK YOU INKY!!

8th Dec, 19