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It's a Wrap!

Did you notice something different about Lit Club this time?

You did it all on your own!

Inky didn’t post a single discussion question – and you know what? You guys created and posted and ran the book club without it. Talk about teens to the front!

We still had 10 posts – all were insightful, astute and illuminating.

We still had discussions in the comments.

We had reviews. Discussion of themes. Comparison to real life events and of course some poetry.

Doesn’t get much better than that, does it? What a rich and creative exploration of Everywhere, Everything, Everyone you all provided!

So I wanted to send out a big thank you…

to everyone in Lit Club  for everything they did everywhere!

Everyone who commented, posted and joined in by reading these posts!

The prize this time goes to zitongbooks for THIS POST comparing the book to real life events. There will be a book pack coming your way!



Good job to us :) Also, good job zitongbooks

25th Feb, 20

Thanks Inky! And well done to everyone else as well! :)

27th Feb, 20
inky State Library Victoria

Look out for a parcel coming your way!

27th Feb, 20

In reply to inky

I will!

28th Feb, 20