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Presented by State Library Victoria

Grief: A Poem

and when he finally met my eyes

my heart folded, and shattered, and crumbled;

his face written with news of her her demise.

and so i tried to make my way through the jumble

of life post mila.


i was broken and dangerous,

it was all my fault.

i was angry and traitorous,

and now the spinning of my world would halt,

as i tried to live without her.


she was beautiful and wise,

charming and wonderful in every way,

danity and poised like butterflies.

but now. my world was turning grey.

without mila.



Is this about Everywhere, Everything, Everyone? I like it!

20th Dec, 19

Yes, it's from Santee's perspective! I tried to write a poem that rhymes, not really sure how I feel about it.

20th Dec, 19