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First Impressions

Hey guys!

So when I first looked at the book, I actually felt a bit nervous. I’m not really a fantasy person, especially when it connects with the modern world. The concept of magical realms and mythological characters kind of twists my brain a little, but I think the book is heading in a fairly interesting direction. (I’m only halfway through!)

First of all, I feel as though I’m travelling along a similar journey to Chess. Finding out things along the way, with memory flashbacks, it seems as though the reader is following along with Chess, not knowing the history or the reasons for the blankness of her memory. The way the author wrote the scenes was interesting, however, I felt that I was thrown in the deep end straight away. (probably because I’m not used to fantasy 😅)

Unlike most YA novels, the pacing was pretty fast. Almost too fast. The action built up immediately and several changes and issues were thrown at Chess. Personally, I love fast-paced books. The exhilaration. The turning of pages that give you paper cuts. The tension build-up. Yet, I feel that the beginning just needed a little bit more background information, a little bit more fuel to give the book a bigger push. Nevertheless, there is still a balance between the descriptions and plot progression.

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To be honest, Chess is both likeable and not that likeable. I love her determination and energy, but that wasn’t really part of her own character until someone told her to ‘save yourself’ instead of ‘waiting for someone to save you’. True, sometimes we need someone else to give us a waking call, but her overall spirit was kind of low, particularly in the beginning. Moreover, I’m not a fan of the character voice. Sometimes, it rubs off as a bit cliché. Most of the time, it is the personality (please don’t hate me!) I hope that there is more information about the secondary characters!

In essence, The Girl Who Fell is, literally, spellbinding. I’m excited to learn more about the history of the conflict and Chess’ past, but I’m more looking forward to the character developments, and of course, the action!

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How is everyone finding the book so far? 😀


inky Centre for Youth Literature

Yes there is so much action and things happening so quickly I got confused sometimes. "turning pages so fast you get paper cuts' is a great way to put it. I agree about the voice -sometimes Chess would annoy me and then she'd make me laugh with a wry observation.

1w ago

I agree, while Chess comes off as a little cliche, I still really like her.

1w ago

I think her sense of morality is really strong, which is awesome, but sometimes she can be a bit irrational, especially with big decisions. Her character is developing more and is definitely starting to shine!

2d ago

I'm a huge fantasy buff, but I'm just not syncing with book :/

1w ago

I generally steer away from fantasy (unless it's dystopian) but I agree that I'm not enjoying the book that much. There is, however, a lot of interesting discussion that can be had based on the book.

1w ago
inky Centre for Youth Literature

In reply to lauraamabel

I don't read much fantasy - read some big series as a teenager that were set in completely different worlds. Not sure I've read one where there are such parallels/crossovers to our world. e.g. In the Narnia books they go to Narnia for the whole book.. His Dark Materials does cross over into parallel Oxford in the Subtle Knife I guess...

1d ago
inky Centre for Youth Literature

In reply to inky

Okay so I have done a little research (i.e. asked a friend) and she said The Darker Shade of Magic series by V. E. Schwab has parallel magic Londons. Anyone read it?

1d ago