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Finding Nevo - What I Learnt

Finding Nevo by Nevo Zisin is a remarkable book.

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This was my second time reading it through and it was even better. Nevo is so intellegent and mature it’s hard to believe they’re only 21. I was so interested in their life reading it, from the little things like the seriousness a child has when playing with dolls, to the understanding of growing and changing friendships. I adored their story and what they had to say.

This book taught me that everyone is a good person, a kind person, an understanding person. What people lack is communication, maturity and the ability to convey emotion. We can all act brash and say mean things, however, Nevo talks of their experience with doing this and understanding why they’re doing it and working through their emotions in a mature may. Finding Nevo centres around emotion and maturity, since it is a memoir about them growing up, it’s so comforting to see how much a person can change and grow into who they envision themself to be.

There is no one trans story, as Nevo said, because there is only personal stories. Nevo’s story displays this in an in depth way looking at their life and reflecting how they change and grow with the factor of them being transgender. This is their story, and they own it like nothing else.

Nevo is an intelligent and wonderful young person and I would have the pleasure to meet them one day. This book was outstanding.

What did you learn from Finding Nevo? What did you think of the way they portrayed their life?





I loved Finding Nevo because Nevo's story shows how finding yourself and excepting yourself isn't an easy path straight from A to B. This was really great to read because it seems like the world is flooded with stories of people knowing who they want to be at every moment, when that's sometimes not realistic. Their story shows how one can grow and change to be the person that they want to be.

10th Jan, 19

Yes this is so true! Thank you for the insight!

11th Jan, 19

I learnt that all we need really is to understand people because through understanding there is empathy and support. As you said Nevo talks very philosophically and very thoughtfully (which is insanely talented for a 21 year old!) and they also talk about other people trying to recognise why they think in that way and trying to understand their view points as well.

15th Jan, 19