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Finding Nevo: First Impressions


It’s quite ironic considering the novel and what its contents, but based on the presentation of the cover and book alone I made some assumptions and guesses, as we all tend to do. Mine were as follows:


1. It was going to be a fiction book based on fact (wrong!).

My automatic reaction was to think it was going to be fiction influenced by real life experiences. My past reading experiences are mostly fiction books and he cover of the book was not like any autobiography I had seen. The title also lead my to lean towards a real life-based humorous fiction.

(While some elements and lines are humorous and lighthearted, it is, as a whole, an inspiring, informative and enjoyable autobiography. And no where near a work of fiction.)


2. After discovering it was an autobiography… it was going to be a book based solely about the difficulties, life and transitions of someone in the LGBTIA+ community (wrong!)

All in all, this is what the blurb, title and any other discussion surrounding this book had implied to me.

(Although this is a main focus, I was blown away by and in awe of the other topics presented and the way they were presented, including feminism and a persons place in religion, as well as bullying, friendships and family dynamics.)


And honestly, those are the only first impressions I had, having not read books, really, in this kind of genre and subject area.

What about y’all? What do you remember thinking? What do you think now? Have you actually read it yet? 😋

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I knew it was about their (Nevo's) life, but I thought it would be light and fluffy when it's actually quite serious. I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless

9th Jan, 19