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Finding Nevo Discussion Post: evolving understanding

One of the things that really struck me about Nevo’s story was how they challenged the traditional structures of the ‘coming of age’ story.

Usually in these stories, there is a single, central epiphany or conflict that the protagonist experiences or resolves at the climax of the story. But as Nevo discovers, life is rarely that simple. Over the course of their adolescence, Nevo comes out three times — first as homosexual, then as trans, then as non-binary — and each of these instances of coming out has its own complexities and conflicts.

I think that this reflects that when you are coming to know yourself, when you are coming of age, things are rarely so simple as to be resolved with a single epiphany. Things are always changing, always evolving, and that includes your own understanding of yourself.

This also made the book really engaging, because there was never a sense that this story was coming to a simple, clear-cut resolution: there is no need to tie up every loose end or answer every question with certainty because, really, the story never ends, we are always in a process of becoming who we are.

Did Finding Nevo challenge your perspective on anything like this?

Did it change your understanding of LGBTQIA+ issues?

Or perhaps it opened your eyes to new ways of telling your own story?