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Fanart and a poem!


Hello! Let me just start by saying what an incredible read Catching Teller Crow was! The writing flows beautifully, and the wisdom of Beth’s family is so inspiring. This is definitely a book I’ll come back to many times.


Painting of the colours


I had a lot of fun painting this and I hope it conveys how I imagine the colours – the other side – look. I don’t take art as an elective or anything so you’ll have to forgive my amateur-ishness. And also the poor photo quality. Anyway, here it is…

The colours

And here’s a quick sketch of the Fetchers, ’cause why not.

The Fetchers


Poem from Crow’s perspective


I have to admit poems are not my strong suit, so this one’s pretty short. I tried using simple phrases since to me that’s how Crow’s voice is – she gets straight to the point, and doesn’t waste words. Here it is…


Blue sky.

Clouds like fish.

Me, soaring below them.


Waves of wind.

Ruffle of feathers.

‘Crow!’ she calls.


I land with a sudden stillness on the green of her shoulder.


She smiles.

I spread my wings.

‘Colours. Bright.’

We laugh and walk forward.


Sun is bright.

Shadows dance.

Our colours swirl with feeling.


Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think, especially about the poem – I’d like to improve my poetry skills. And how do you imagine the colours?

Have a great day! Sorry for not being active, but fear not, I have a few Word of the day posts planned.



inky State Library Victoria

Goosebumps! This is so completely amazing ellipsis! The painting! The sketches! The POEM! So brilliant! "clouds like fish" is a wonderful line! Thank you so much for contributing such meaningful work!

1st Oct, 19

And thank you for giving me the opportunity!

2nd Oct, 19

This is amazing!! Love the poem and art! <3<3<3

2nd Oct, 19

Thank you! <3 <3 <3

17th Oct, 19

Oh my goodness, I love your colours painting!! Nothing like I imagined, but absolutely gorgeous. Isn't it funny how people can read the same paragraph and picture things so differently. Also, that poem!! Wow!

4th Oct, 19

Thank you! I love your creative response too, it's so beautiful.

17th Oct, 19

What struck me after seeing your interpretations of phenomena from the book was that all of our interpretations are different.
For example, I kinda imagine the Fetchers as something akin to that thing from Spirited Away.

6th Oct, 19

Ah, No Face! That's very surrealist, I like it.
How did you put italics in?

17th Oct, 19

In reply to ellipsis

You use these HTML tags: https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_em.asp

17th Oct, 19

In reply to bookwithbane

That's so useful! Thanks!

17th Oct, 19