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Crow's Perspective of The Home

Crow’s Perspective of the Home

Crow soared through the colours of the Between-Place alongside Catching.

“Look,” said Catching as she pointed at a seemingly empty spot (empty as it is possible to be in the Between-Place) the myriad of colours. At first Crow could not see what Catching had pointed at, but then Crow looked out the corner of Crow’s eyes and Crow saw the girl through the veil of the Between-Place.


“Ca-caw!” Crow cried out excitedly in affirmation, and through the strength of their bond (forged through the ordeals they had faced together) – heightened through the ancient power dated from the Dreaming permeated through the very fabric of Crow’s surroundings – Catching gleaned Crow’s meaning. I see her! The girl herself was at a glance ordinary, but Crow sensed her ethereal presence even through the veil. She seemed to be following a man who could be her father.


“She looks stuck. Probably that depressed-looking detective next to her,” Catching said as her hair billowed out behind her in the wind. Crow made a noise in the back of Crow’s beak-throat. She’ll move on in her own time.


“Sometimes they need a shove in the right direction. Anyway, I need to go and guide the investigation so we can get it right,” Catching yelled back to Crow.


“Ca-caw?” Crow called to Catching. Are you ready? Catching turned back and nodded. She slowed down her gliding and slowly drifted into an upright position.


“Granny, Nanna, Grandma, Mum, Me!” Crow and Catching cried out together, an out-of-place young female voice emanating from Crow’s small avian body. A doorway appeared out of swirling hues and Crow and Catching were swallowed by it.

Crow flew down to a splintered beam sticking out from the ruins of the home. Crow stared at the girl. She waved at Crow. Crow looked at the girl and tilted Crow’s head at her. Are you stuck? The girl showed no sign of having heard. Crow internally huffed and flew away.

Crow soared through the colours of the Between-Place to Catching.

I hope this resonated with all of you in the Lit Club! As always, leave any critiques and feedback in the comments. I had a crack at Crow's perspective and I'm not sure if I've accurately represented them. Can't wait to see how you all represent Crow!

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inky State Library Victoria

This is great! You have tapped into so many of the themes in the book - the ancestors, the colours and the healing journey. You may be interested that Ambelin and Ezeliel Kwaymullina wrote" All life is in constant motion, turning and rotating in relation to other life, and it is through these movements that the world shifts forwards or back...the journey of Catching, Beth, Crow and Michael Teller do not 'advance' because liner days pass, but because they are finding ways to heal. Each of them ultimately reaches a point of transformation where they move out of one cycle and into another.' Thanks so much for sharing your piece!

27th Sep, 19