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Presented by State Library Victoria

Chaotic Colours

The first thing I saw was the chaotic colours. They painted the sky together. The midnight black. The lush green. The shining yellow. And now me.

But what colour am I? What colour will I be when I finally cross to the other place? I like limbo, but the other side is my home.

The swirls of colour dipped through clouds, soaring around stars and painting planets. It was night and day here. It was everything all at once.

I was being pulled apart. I was being split down the middle. As much of me as there was reaching out to the sky, there was more anchoring me to the inbetween place.

I picture myself in the sea. I allow myself to float above crashing waves, feeling the cool splashes on my skin. I give myself permission to relax into the water as my skin shrinks and fades. I shrink and faded all at once, but suddenly I am larger than ever.

And now me.

As blue smoke began to hiss from every part of me, I leap between. I am night and day. I am a chaotic colour soaring through the sky with them.


inky State Library Victoria

This is so inspired and beautiful. Is this once Beth has moved on or again from Beth's mother's perspective?

29th Aug, 19

I hadn't really picked a character when I wrote it. I thought I would leave it open for interpretation. This piece was something I wrote right after finishing the book and the aim was mainly to capture the feelings that letting go and crossing over evoked.

29th Aug, 19

Such vivid imagery!

29th Aug, 19