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Catching Teller Crow - thoughts and books relating to it :)

This book was amazing. I loved it. I first read it on the train from Sydney back to my hometown and while my friends were chatting about something trivial, I was immersed in the land of Catching Teller Crow. 


The first thing I noticed about this book was the representation of death. Beth Teller has died leaving her physical body in the mortal world. Lots of cultures believe int the ‘afterworld’ But this book addresses a place between the ‘afterworld’ (which in this case is the land of colours), and the mortal world. This place is for souls who have business still to do in the mortal world. Many cultures believe that is what ghosts are, souls who cannot pass on to the afterworld. There is something tying them to the mortal world.


Two books that remind me of CTC (Catching Teller Crow), but only because of the verse, That is to say, the whole book is in poetry. The Art of Taxidermy by Shanon Kernot and The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevado Both are books which are entirely Poetic. A common discussion is the “Is a book that is entirely verse unbearable?” The answer is no.  Both of these books are really good, (they were both on the Inky Longlist) and they convey a lot of emotion through the verse. I liked them. 

I did think however, that the half/half style of verse and prose is really beneficial in this book. This book jumped from the two perspectives of Beth and Catching, prose and verse. 

I think the verse conveys a lot more emotion than ordinary prose which I think fits with the personality and experiences of Isobel Catching. 


Which brings me onto another point, the fairytale-like quality of Catchings verse. I believe that Catching told her story in a tale with evil monsters and Fetchers to distract herself from the truth. She wasn’t lying, just bending the truth so it was less painful to say. Beth’s dad does point this out. I thought that style of truth-bending verse was really effective in conveying emotion and It leaves readers kinda guessing about her real meaning. 


 Hated the ending. No Offense. It was just so sad. When they revealed the truth behind Catchings story, It made me think about all the things Catching described with the fetchers and The Feed, it just makes me sick. The fact that they were all mem, taking advantage of young innocent women,  “eating what’s inside their insides”.

All along, I suspected something like the truth to be the truth, but once I knew for certain, I didn’t want to think about it. That is why I didn’t read the book again. The stories that Crow and Catching tell, well, once you know the meaning, I just didn’t want to read the story knowing what had actually happened.  It’s still an amazing book. 


PLOT TWIST – Isobel catching is actually dead. Boom. You didn’t expect that huh? 

Another book that this book reminded me of is Two Can Keep A Secret by Karen McManus. It is also a Mystery Book, and it reminds me of CTC because of the crimes that are all connected with crimes in the past. In CTC, the Mystery of Sarah Blue (Crow) and in Two Can Keep A secret, the Mystery of Sarah Cocoran (yet another Sarah! Coincidence? I think not!). They are also both set in a small town. I won’t spoil too much, but it is a very good book. 🙂

I’d also like to point out that Beth’s dad is a great detective. Lazy yes, but still a pretty damn good detective.

Lemme just say. Crime is one of my absolute favourite genres. Curling up with a good mystery, recently I have read Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. It reminds me of CTC because of the Supernatural Crime aspect and that the detective is weird (Beth’s dad had a ghost haunting him and Dirk Gently is kinda psychic) Just love it.

Murder? Check. Detective? Check. Supernatural Ghosts and what not? Check!!


Thank Y’all for reading – and have a nice day!!



I also hated the ending, it was definitely my suspicions confirmed, but still terribly sad. Do you think that you prefer a book that is written entirely in verse or books like CTC where there is a mix of styles?

4th Oct, 19
inky State Library Victoria

It is a full on book but I think the way it tackles the abuse and the Australia's racist colonial past within a detective mystery is really creative. Very clever and accomplished. It never drags. But it's also oblique and open to interpretation and not didactic. I loved that.
Oh and if you like Dirk Gently you have to check out Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next books!

4th Oct, 19

Already Read the Thursday Next Series. It's really good. :)

4th Oct, 19
inky State Library Victoria

In reply to crobster

And the Nursery Crime series by Jasper Fforde? They are also brilliant. I saw him speak a few weeks ago.

4th Oct, 19

When you say that you hate the ending, do you mean you hate that the authors decided to write it in, or do you mean you hate that it happened?

6th Oct, 19
inky State Library Victoria

I like that this post has some read-alike recommendations. Any others people would like to add?

9th Oct, 19