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Catching Teller Crow by Ambelin Kwaymullina and Ezekiel Kwaymullina

This book definitely deserves a re-read.

When I closed the book I thought “what a trippy book” there were just so many things I haven’t realised while I was reading that I only now after having finished, realise now. There were also a lot of themes that went over my head that other reviewers pointed out that I didn’t pick up on. I think that no matter what or how many times I may read this book, I’d never pick everything up it’s just one of those books that constantly has easter eggs! So yes, I probably need a re-read.

Gosh how do I even describe this book? It’s about this ghost girl named Beth who is invisible to all except her grieving father, an investigator looking into the case of Isobel Catching, who somehow has a connection to a man who died in a fire. It was told in poems and narrative, in a range of colours and feathers (you’ll get that reference if you read the book) and it messed with my brain for a bit. I know it deals with a lot of racism and it dealt with it in such a poetic way that wasn’t too confronting. Yet again though I think it deserves a re-read even though I couldn’t get into it as much as it was really trippy which made me occasionally lose track of the plotline.




Was the three star rating mainly because of how the book was difficult to follow at times?

4th Oct, 19

Yeah basically. It was occasionally difficult to follow which is why it deserves another read :)

4th Oct, 19
inky State Library Victoria

I've read the whole thing three times and it always amazes me how much is woven in while a mystery is also solved. It's quite unique.

4th Oct, 19

Indeed I found it so interesting how you don't pick things up the first time but you get it the other times you read it. It's very unique and special as a book.

4th Oct, 19